Instant Remote Support

When your computer system is giving you a lot of problems, you need to get them fixed as soon as possible or deal with the pain of getting your tasks delayed. It is then when you fail to submit the deadlines. Entangling yourself in a broken computer definitely means a time waste and losing a major chunk of money and a lot of clients.

Instant remote support is a technical support system where access is requested by the customer for a temporary period of time and remains active only for that session. Support is instant which means that there is no need for pre-booking. Customers have an icon installed at their desktop on which they can click at the time they need software assistance.

We provide remote technology services with which you can overcome any problem in nook of the world as we operate globally. You can fix these problems at the comfort of your workplace and can have the issue attended instantly.


Step 1: Contact our company on the toll free number provided which is 1-844-899-4851. Our professional technician will get in touch with you, understand the problems you’re facing and then request remote access for your computer system.

Step 2: Our technician will provide you with a 6-digit access code which you are required to enter on the company’s Remote Access Page. Then, you’ll see a download button which you’re supposed to click and the remote access software will be downloaded on your machine.

Step 3: Whenever you want to initiate a remote support system, click on this icon and your computer screen will be completely visible to our technician who can fix all your problems while you explain him on call.

Benefits of Remote Support System:

Efficiency: Through remote support, you will save yourself from the trouble of keeping an IT technician in your company even when his service is required on rare occasions. Our service is available globally at any time of the day and you will save your travel costs.

Cost Effective: We have various subscriptions which you can select according to your needs. Our services are fair-priced. Plus, a lot of resources are saved as there is no travelling cost incurred .

Faster Solutions: We are just a call away from the customer and our expert technicians resolve your problems in no time.

Less Interruptive: There are clients who don’t want the technicians around them but still want to get their issues fixed. For such type of clients, remote support system is the best solution as things are settled from the back of a magic curtain.