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Google Chrome is a web browser developed by google. The first version released was a beta version for Microsoft Windows users and is being used by the local public since December,2008. It can be downloaded free of cost. Google Chrome holds 60.1% of the market stakes of Desktop browsers worldwide. It is most popular with smartphone users. After the success of Chrome, Google has extended its fame and started off with Chromecast which is a line of digital media players.

Majority of Chrome’s source code has been released by Google as open-source project called Chromium. Google Chrome offers a great speed for web-browsing. It performs way faster than its other counterparts like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Google Chrome became very popular with the users in a very short period of time due to its world famous search engine ‘Google’.

Chrome gives users the benefit of synchronizing your bookmarks, history and settings across all the devices which have this browser installed by sharing data through their Google Account which updates all the signed in occurrences of Chrome. It warns users against the sites which have been indicated as hazardous. Chrome has a feature called ‘Ïncognito’ which does not allow the browser to permanently store the cookies of different websites browsed.

The installation of Google Chrome is a very easy process and can be done on Windows, MacOS and Linux. After you sign in all your browser activities are tracked by the browser.

Chrome Webstore is an online marketplace where you get thousands of apps, extensions and themes for the browser.

Chrome is the first browser to incorporate machine translation in the browser itself without connecting any additional plug-ins or extensions. If the language selected by you does not match the list in the browser, Chrome automatically translates the webpage into the desired language.

You can personalize the browser with various themes available in order to beautify it.

Use Omnibox to type both, web searches as well as addresses in Chrome.

Google offers a multiple tab stability. When one tab does not work properly or crashes, the other tabs are unaffected.

Static tab: This is a very simple app that aims to save your time and CPU of your browser. It prevents to open a multiple tag base with the same URL. It forces you to use one static tab for each base URL.

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